Allergy friendly Room


Allergy friendly Room

Allergy friendly room

Hygiene and cleanlines are our highest priority to you but at the same time we uphold the usual imperial hospitality and warmth.

  • Bed linen and towels are cleaned according to the highest standards of hygiene.
  • All rooms are regularly well-ventilated during room cleaning.
  • After each check out, the rooms are cleaned with special attention. Especially items such as remote controls, door handles and light switches are disinfected with the utmost care.
  • Cleaning cloths and disinfection gloves are disposed and renewed after each room.

For more information, please visit our health and safety measures page.

Our Allergy friendly rooms (appr. 23m2) are especially equipped for people who suffer  in allergies and are located on mezzanine-floor. The rooms do have wooden-floor or short pile carpet and are cleaned with vacuum cleaners with a special HEPA 13 filter and are wiped wet daily. During the hot season, the air-conditioning system equipped with special filters ensures a pleasant room climate. The beds with special encasings and a mite-protectors, grant a healthy sleep. We do offer ECARF certified cosmetic products in the bathroom, partially with bathtub. A vegan “Good-Night-Goody” complete the offered services. Pets are not allowed in the allergy-friendly rooms. The allergy-friendly rooms are certified according to ECARF.


  • Room size appr. 23m²
  • Fauteuil
  • Non smoking rooms, no pets allowed, no plants in pots
  • Wooden floor or short pile carpetMite protectors and encasings
  • pH-adjusted cosmetic products in the bathroom, certified by ECARF

FROM 109 €

  • Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner with HEPA 13 filter
  • Air condition with special filters
  • Certified by ECARF


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Best Price Guarantee
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