Capuchin Crypt

the burial place of the emperors and empresses of the house of Habsburg 

The Capuchin Crypt, also well known as "Imperial Crypt" or "Imperial Burial Vault", is the burial place of the emperors and empresses of the house of Habsburg and their families, with artworks that reflect more than four centuries of Austrian and European history. In the course of time the crypt was enlarged several times by the most famous artists of their days to house the splendid shaped sarcophagi. Power and grief, evanescence and vanity, death and resurrection are the dominating issues.

Opening hours:

Daily 10am–6pm
Thursdays from 9am to 6pm
Guided tours (duration about one hour):
Wednesday to Saturday
2pm - German, 3.30pm - English (bilingual if required)

Ticket prices:

Entrance for adults: 5,50 €
Reduced entrance fee: 4,50 €


Tegetthoffstraße 2/Neuer Markt
1010 Wien

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