Viennese ball season
Opera Ball

Viennese ball season - Opera Ball

The Viennese ball season takes place during the carnival season from November 11th to Shrove Tuesday. The Viennese dance schools kick off the season on November 11th at 11:11 a.m. on the Graben in Vienna's city centre, where they dance a quadrille, a gallop and, at the end, a Viennese waltz.The most well-known balls include the Opera Ball, but also the Ball of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the ZuckerBäckerBall (Confectioner Ball), the Ball of the Viennese Economy and many more.

Vienna Opera Ball

At the Vienna Opera Ball, the Vienna State Opera is transformed into the most famous ballroom in the world. The ball is the social highlight of the ball season during Viennese carnival.It usually takes place on the last Thursday before Ash Wednesday. With its more than 5000 guests, it is the largest meeting place for artists, entrepreneurs, politicians and ball fans from Austria and abroad. 180 international couples open the ball.

Further information on the Viennese balls and the Vienna Opera Ball

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