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Green Globe - Hotel Kaiserhof Wien

Responsibility and sustainable behaviour are important to us in Kaiserhof WIEN. That`s why we decided to participate in a "Green Globe" certification. In tune with the times for us means to combine the traditional values of a Viennese city hotel with the requirements to the environment and the careful use of resources. Green Globe is the global certification for sustainable tourism. The membership is reserved for companies and organizations which are committed to make positive contributions to people and to the planet.

Sustainability is a value that influences our society on many levels. We are currently experiencing a change in thinking that has a special social significance. Today we are aware of how important our actions are and what decisive influence this has on the future and the quality of life of future generations. With small steps we are able to start directly with ourselves and begin “to live” sustainability.

For years we in Kaiserhof WIEN have been taking part in the careful use of our resources, waste reduction and recycling. With several modifications and adaptations in the hotel we have set a variety of measures to focus on sustainability and environmental protection. In order to protect our environment and to counteract the shortage of resources and wastage, for example, a water-reducing-system was installed, as well as sensors attached to the windows: as they are opened, the air-conditioning or the heating interrupt automatically. Energy-saving lamps and motion sensors are used throughout the hotel wherever appropriate.

We make every effort to offer the best quality to our guests. Therefore we work with selected regional and local producers, which are responsive to our requested needs and guarantee the highest quality and freshness. For us it is important to buy our products from local suppliers and vendors, so the delivery path can be kept as short as possible and save CO2 emissions.

Vienna offers a very well structured network of public transportation. On your arrival you will receive a street map and all the necessary information. If you would like to rent a bike, our team at reception will be pleased to assist you.  It is also possible for you to be picked up by an electrically generated taxi. Unfortunately due to the limited numbers of e-cabs in Vienna the waiting times are longer (15 mins). There are many different ways of reaching the airport easily by public transport. We recommend the CAT (City airport train departing at Wien Mitte), the airport bus or the railway.

Vienna is well-known as a cultural metropolis. We would also be delighted to put you in contact with a certified tour guide. Vienna also consists of many attractive protected nature places and many green areas to relax in. The “Wienerwald” is one of the UNESCO acclaimed biosphere parks. ( The “Lobau” is part of the Danube National Park. ( and is easily reachable by bicycles.

We are counting on your co-operation and take this chance to thank you in advance for your support. Maybe you have ideas of your own that could help improve our system? We gladly accept all suggestions – perhaps you may not need your room done once during your stay – all information could be found on the card “Kaiserhof goes green”.

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